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Alpaca Dryer Balls

Alpaca Dryer Balls

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An eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets

Alpaca dryer balls help separate clothes as they dry absorbing moisture and enhancing air circulation. This results in softer clothes. 

Shortens drying time by 40%-50%

No chemicals build  up on your clothes keeping them fresher, softer and longer.
Dryer balls may “pick up pills” during use. This helps keep the pills off of your clothes. Simply remove pills from dryer balls with scissors or a handheld razor.

Dryer balls soften with use. Although not necessary, you can “firm up” your dryer balls. To do this simply turn a sock inside out and place the dryer balls inside. Tie closed. Toss it in a warm wash load with other items. Remove dryer balls from sock and dry with rest of load.  
Recommended use: 2-3 Balls for normal size loads
4-5 Balls for heavy loads, jeans and bedding.

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