Ultimate Outdoor Alpaca Socks (Espresso)

Ultimate Outdoor Alpaca Socks (Espresso)

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Ultimate in comfort with super versatility combined with soft texture. The high ribbed cuff extends to mid-calf. The gathered band at center foot holds sock in its place. They feel thick to the touch but yet they are light and breathable. Inside resembles terry cloth. 42% alpaca/32% acrylic/18% nylon/3% lycra /5%Spandex

* Plush Comfort yet breathable
* Alpaca Naturally Wicks away perspiration
* Retains warmth even when wet
* Solid Best Seller Sock for Ladies & Men

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Women      5-7             7-9              9-11            11-13

Men           5-7             7-9              9-11            11-13